Why professional photography in real estate matters. Like really matters.

Some people say the days of print marketing have passed. That’s not true; quality print marketing still plays a key role in marketing real estate and that marketing better be great. All too often we come across real estate listings that look like the agent didn’t even get out of the car to take the photos…who hires these people?! Shown below are examples of the takeaway marketing from my listings: magazine quality marketing that stands out from your basic MLS sheets left on the counter.

Obviously online marketing is going to be your biggest asset these days, as almost 100% of people will view the home online before physically seeing it. That being said, it’s necessary to stand out from the crowd. If your Realtor isn’t using a professional photographer and/or videographer to capture your home, you should be asking some serious questions.

Shown below is a comparison showing side-by-side photos of my listing photography vs. previous listings of the same home. See the difference? This is the type of marketing you need in order to stand out from your competitors in an ever changing and challenging market.

Don’t get left in the dust with poor quality marketing, hire a professional Realtor that understands the need and importance of showcasing your home properly!

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