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What is an Infill?

What is an Infill?

Most people believe that an “Infill” is a new duplex in an older area where the previous home has been torn down. This is correct to some extent; however, the definition of an Infill is: “the use of land within a built-up area for further construction”. An Infill can take the form of several property types, including a single detached home, a duplex and a four plex. In Calgary, we have seen tremendous growth in this type of construction. In SW Calgary, Altadore has been the main hub for Infill development; the same can be said for the Hillhurst area in the NW. The driving force behind the cost of these homes is land value, the one component of real estate that cannot be recreated; when it’s gone it’s gone. Another factor that affects Infill development is the zoning classification for an area: R1, R2- RC2 and so on. These zoning codes dictate what type and how many of a property type can be built on a specific land parcel, thus making certain plots more desirable for developers.

If you’re thinking of getting into the Infill market, I have an extensive background in Infill marketing, development and new construction. Please give me a call anytime to discuss what your options may be if you’re considering building or purchasing an Infill!

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